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Public school classrooms are often out of control or nearly so. Wendy Ross offers proven methods for managing classrooms, with resulting improved grades, reduced referrals, and a more enjoyable teaching experience. 


Wendy Ross provides day-long and weekend live seminars to groups of teachers and administrators looking for new and better tools to use in the effort to manage classroom behavior. These tools have been developed, tested, and proven to work by nationally recognized Time to Teach organization. 


When the classroom is properly managed there is a win-win-win for students, teachers, and administrators. Improved grades are just the beginning. When students see the benefits of appropriate classroom decorum, they begin to self-filter and moderate their own behavior and socially reward others who do the same. The better environment results in more achievement and in turn, more confidence. 


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For many teachers, the daylong or weekend coursework can be the beginning of units towards personal educational goals. Principals rave about the drops in referrals and detentions, not to mention the improved results on standardized testing and common core objectives.


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